JUST IN: Gen. Flynn Makes His Move…

(Republican Party News) – A new report from The Western Journal says that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has issued a warning to both the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice that he’s coming after them by filing a lawsuit for $50 million in damages over “malicious prosecution” that is related to the discredited Russian collusion garbage the media and liberal politicians tried to work for several years.

Flynn, who briefly served as one of President Trump’s national security advisors until the FBI, infiltrated by the Deep State, started to persecute him, has now filed a lawsuit seeking $5 million in property damages, along with an additional $45 million in personal injury for the lengthy persecution for his alleged lying to the FBI, which is a charge he has denied from the very beginning.

“The general says he is coming for the FBI, including former chief Jim Comey, and all the way up to former President Obama, who directed the DOJ to prosecute Flynn just before Donald Trump took office,” the report said.

Flynn made an appearance on “The Absolute Truth With Emerald Robinson Tuesday, where he took an opportunity to put both the FBI and the DOJ on notice.

“I have gone back into the Department of Justice to let them know, to put them on notice, that I am going to sue these people — I don’t give a crap about the money … to let them know I’m not going to sit on my laurels, and do ‘woe is me,’ and wring my hands. That we are going to go after these people. And we actually filed, very quietly, an intention to sue the Department of Justice, all of these people, from Jim Comey up to President Obama,” Flynn said.

In Flynn’s lawsuit it says he is seeking damages for “lost past and future earnings/revenue, emotional distress, lost opportunity to be President’s National Security Advisor, significant restraints of personal liberty, attorney fees/expenses and court costs in defending against malicious prosecution, abuse of process, false arrest, et al. activities of FBI, DOJ and the White House,” according to a report from Just the News.

“Of all of President Trump’s appointees, the Obama White House hated Flynn the most,” the general’s filing goes on to say as it lays out a very lengthy list of irregularities in the case the DOJ tried to set up against him.

“Flynn’s filing adds that the DOJ’s case is fraught with the failed investigation by the FBI that was goaded by political motivations, not a search for the truth or justice,” the report continued.

Starting in July 2016, “the FBI began to express disdain for candidate Donald J. Trump and began to consider ways in which it could hamper Donald Trump as candidate or as president, were he to win the 2016 election,” Flynn’s paperwork stated.

“The DOJ charged Flynn with allegedly lying to the FBI about a conversation he had with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. Under advice from his first lawyer, Flynn pled guilty to the charge. But after retaining new counsel, he requested to withdraw his guilty plea after evidence finally emerged that supported Flynn’s innocence,” the WJ said in its report.

“Trump’s DOJ moved to drop the case in May 2019 after it finally emerged that the FBI investigators actually determined that Flynn did not lie to them during their interrogations of him. Therefore, the charges were based on an outright lie pushed by the DOJ,” the report continued.

Despite the government tossing out the charges, the judge presiding over the case refused to put an end to the farce and took the questionable step of inviting outside legal opinions concerning whether or not he should continue moving forward, despite the fact these charges were dropped.

“The judge’s decision to continue the persecution despite that there was no case against the general eventually spurred President Trump to issue Flynn a full pardon just to finally put an end to the farce,” the report said.

“Flynn was the target of a politically motivated investigation and prosecution that had no merit when it began, no merit during its course and no merit in the end when the charges were withdrawn by the DOJ and ultimately dismissed by the Court after Flynn received a full pardon,” the new filing claims.

“During that meritless and unlawful investigation and prosecution, Flynn was falsely and maliciously painted by the conspirators as a traitor to his nation who acted in concert with a foreign power, and the SCO even threatened Flynn’s son with prosecution unless Flynn were to plead guilty,” the suit goes on to say. “The federal government’s targeting of a citizen for baseless criminal prosecution and eliciting a plea bargain through threatening of family members is outrageous conduct of the highest order. The fact that it was orchestrated and carried out at the highest levels of the FBI, DOJ and White House makes it all the more outrageous.”

This isn’t the first time Flynn has issued a warning about these people. Back in December of 2020, he pointed out that, “We do not want a world governed by tyrants whom no one has elected and who want to have power in order to destroy us.”

“We understand what their plan is: to eliminate dissent, subdue any criticism and outlaw those who do not submit unconditionally to the dictatorship of the ‘new world order,’” he stated.

“Let’s not forget that by the crimes they have committed,” the former national security advisor added, “they have violated our laws; they have betrayed our nation and their oath to serve our country, their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.”

The government tried to do their best to destroy Flynn due to the fact they were afraid that he, working along with President Donald Trump, would reveal their corruption and eventually put an end to their diabolical schemes to take over our government institutions.

The world could use a few more like Michael Flynn.

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  1. General Flynn is a hero and a patriot, and he has been persecuted unmercifully by the conniving Demmunists, clear up to that nasty little sociopath Obama, and ALL OF THEM should pay for what they have done to this good man. They destroyed his life, and they need to pay for that. Is anybody ELSE sick to DEATH of watching the conniving SCUM of the Demmunist Party do this kind of thing to GOOD people and just walking away UNSCATHED afterward leaving the person’s life in ruins? SOMEBODY needs to be held account for the REPREHENSIBLE actions of these America- and liberty-hating COMMIE Demmunists!

    • The scum demonrats that Flynn is after are going to take it in the shorts in another way too. New evidence will be coming out in about 6 weeks from Gregg Phillips who put together the evidence in the movie”2000 mules”. In his Saturday(5/28) interview with Patel Patriot, who put together the devolution series (go to devolution.link) to see it all. Phillips said they have more devastating fraudulent 2020 election information that when it comes out, people will forget all about 2000 mules. It will probably divide our country more than it is now. Watch the interview on Rumble at; https://rumble.com/v16gih4-patel-patriot-interviews-gregg-phillips.html

    • Good for Flynn!!! I hope and Pray he get the justice he so deserves!!!! I think he is a real American Hero!!!

  2. About time someone went after these bastards. It is a crime what they did ti him and his family.I would like nothing more than to see everyone of this scum loose their pensions. They should all be working at Walmart.

  3. May God be with General Flynn and help him reveal the evil of the people who worked so hard to destroy him.

  4. Thank goodness for General Flynn, he is actually a general I would follow into battle. Never follow these woke traitors we have now in defense.

    These agencies need to be sued, the people involved need to be sued even media that pander and promoted all these lies.

  5. General Flynn was a major threat to the Obama administration, he had so much sh*t on their corruption and the only way to stop him was to use our corrupt government agencies against him.
    It’s not like it was the first time Obama did that, he used the irs to go after the tea party and Louis Lerner was more then happy to oblige. Think about that the president of the United States used the irs to go after citizens in our country. There truly is no depths to the evils of the democrats.

    • Obama and the whole group of corrupt goverment agencies need to be brought down. They are evil and need to be ousted of our country since their only purpose is to destroy good men like Mike Flynn and this country.

  6. The Wicked Witch of Cesspool City of California San Francisco is the most unpopular person in the Country and the World Nasty Nancy PIGLOSI . A common Thug , Racist , Pro-Abortionist , UnDevoted Catholic and the list gets longer and longer.

  7. The case against General Flynn has irked me since it’s inception. I only pray that he will get every penny he is seeking and the wicked perpetrators will finally be brought to justice. God bless you General Flynn.

  8. One of the greatest crimes committed is the loss of belief in government officials by citizens of this country.
    I grew up believing in institutions as the FBI, DOJ, CIA, thinking they were above politics and trusted to do the best for the country, only to find that the real”collusion”and corruption stemmed from our own government.
    I have lost all faith in it. It would be great to find that our government officials are not above the law.

  9. Wishing General Flynn the very best in taking these scum out. What General Flynn and his family had to endure was horrible. Keep going Sir, you deserve justice. You are definitely a honorable man and you have a ton of supporters. Thank you and may God Bless you always.

  10. YES! Those bums that were involved in this scam should have to pay for their lies and false reports from their salaries, right along with Biden and his cohorts that were involved!


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