McDonald’s Incredible Jesus-Themed Easter Display Goes Viral

(Republican Party News) – McDonald’s franchise restaurants across Tennessee are no doubt freaking leftists out all over the state as they have slapped religious symbols on their windows, particularly illustrations of the empty tomb, crosses, and the proclamation of Jesus Christ being risen from the dead. You can almost hear all the God-haters screaming in agony at a public establishment like McDonald’s featuring Christian symbols, which once upon a time were the foundation of values and culture in our nation.

According to The Western Journal, “The initiative, spearheaded by franchise owners Tony and Gina Wolfe, has sparked surprise and admiration within the local community. The move was first brought to public attention by Burton S. Staggs, the news director of GM Tennessee River Valley News, who shared a photo of one of the decorated restaurant windows on his Facebook page.”

“He is Risen!!! Happy Easter!!! Multiple McDonald’s in the Middle TN region share this message. While many companies are opting to stay away from holiday-specific decorations, a Tennessee McDonald’s franchisee is embracing them. These restaurants are owned by Tony and Gina Wolfe,” he went on to say in a caption.

The same franchise owners also understand the true meaning of Christmas, as during the holiday season they displayed the phrase “His name is Jesus,” at their restaurant locations. Some probably wonder why people just can’t keep their religious beliefs to themselves and out of the public spotlight. However, Jesus commanded those who follow Him to be open about their faith, sharing it with all they come into contact with in order to see others come to repent of their sins and trust Jesus as their savior. And that’s what the Wolfe family is doing.

Not all companies share this point of view, however. As per a report from Fox News, Google has caught a ton of flack in recent years for ignoring Christmas and Easter in its Doodles.

“So Google has a doodle for every obscure ‘woke’ person/event imaginable, but nothing for Easter?” Paul Joseph Watson stated in a post on X.

Google then issued a statement to Fox saying, “We don’t have Doodles for religious holidays, in line with our current Doodle guidelines. Doodles may appear for some non-religious celebrations that have grown out of religious holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Holi’s Festival of Colors, Tu B’Av and the December holiday period, but we don’t include religious imagery or symbolism as part of these.”

Surprisingly, many comments on social media about the displays have been positive.

“I’ve been to this McDonald’s and they’re really kind in there too…,” one user penned on Staggs’ post.

Another user went on to say, “That’s what I love about the South …whenever we traveled down the people were so friendly and there were so many people that love the Lord and weren’t afraid to say so. As soon as we came North over the Mason Dixon line it was a whole different story.”

“Thank you for not being afraid to offend someone. This is truly the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long time. Wish I lived there. I would definitely be a loyal customer,” another said.

The official website for Tony and Gina Wolfe reveals they are second generation franchise owners and have a well established reputation for their philanthropic work. The Wolfe’s franchise has also received several awards from the McDonald’s Corporation as well.

“It’s about people who are behind the counter and people who are your loyal customers and friends in this community. It’s a blessing for us to be involved in the community and give back,” Gina Wolfe went on to say in a statement.

In a world that can seem completely bathed in darkness, we need the light of Christ today more than ever. And thanks to faithful business owners like Gina and Tony, people are experiencing the love of God in their community. This is how you impact the world around you in a positive way.

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