MSNBC Host Melts Down After Trump Victory, Says GOP Wants To ‘Drive All The Blacks Out Of The Colleges’ (VIDEO)

(Republican Party News) – The folks over at MSNBC aren’t very good at reporting facts, as they have debased themselves, becoming nothing more than propaganda makers who follow the orders of their Democratic Party overlords. But what they are good at is extreme displays of melodrama and fear-mongering. Those two things are part of the package for creating false narratives that make people terrified of former President Donald Trump and his supporters.

One of the network’s hosts, Joy Reid, did not fail to deliver on that front this past Tuesday — which was Super Tuesday — as she devolved into an unhinged rant against Trump when he started pulling in one victory over another in state after state. Her inane prattling was inching into straight jacket territory with some of the things she said during a Super Tuesday panel discussion on the network.

“As seen in this clip of the MSNBC Super Tuesday panel shared by Eric Abbenante on the social media platform X, Reid, seeing Trump’s domination with increasing dismay, unleashed all manner of unhinged left-wing conspiracy theories in response,” Allison Anton of The Western Journal reported.

“On a panel with left-wing hacks like former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and fellow MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, Reid confidently declared that the normies voting for Trump are ‘voting on race, they’re voting on this idea of an ‘invasion’ of brown people over the border …'” Anton wrote.

And things only got worse from there.

Reid spewed nonsense about how Trump supporters are resentful of the fact “that they can’t get whatever job they want — a black person got it — therefore, drive all the blacks out of the colleges, get rid of DEI [Diversity, Equity and Inclusion].”

“That is what they’re voting on,” she ranted. “They are just voting specifically on racial animus at this stage. It isn’t about economics.”

Later on in the discussion, Reid decided to tear into Trump and his supporters a second time.

“She claimed that Trump only ‘had one crisis’ during his tenure as president, and ‘it was called the pandemic, and you know what [he] did? [He] bolloxed it completely,’ before making the absurd argument that Trump looks so much better than President Joe Biden for his age because Trump ‘was playing golf the whole time,'” the WJ report stated.

Does she really, really want to go there? How many days has President Joe Biden spent at the beach or on vacation while the southern border crisis causes crime rates to spike all over America? I don’t think she thought through her comment here.

I dare Reid to name one conservative who actually remarked that they want to see black people out of college. She won’t be able to meet the challenge.

“When the Supreme Court ruled against affirmative action in college admissions, it was because it was a discriminatory policy, though it was aimed against whites and Asians, rather than blacks,” Anton noted in the article. This was not some sort of revenge tactic. It was a measure designed to make the college admissions process fair.

Reid is so preoccupied with hating Trump she’s missing the forest for the trees. People are sick and tired of paying high prices for basic goods at the store. They are sick of illegal aliens pouring into the country by the thousands on a daily basis, knowing that many of them have rap sheets and are going to do harm to American citizens. These are the issues voters care about. Reid needs to get a clue.

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