MUST-SEE: Trump Unleashes Fury On Judge Engoron After Record-Breaking Fine

(Republican Party News) – As we’re all likely aware of by now, former President Donald Trump is not a man who will take assaults from the radical left lying down. He’s a fighter, a natural counterpuncher, he won’t attack unless attacked first, but you can guarantee he’ll come out swinging. Trump is going to make sure he’s the only one left standing. This is a lesson Judge Arthur Engoron learned the hard way last Friday after he ruled against him.

Rather than bellyache about the case, Trump asserted, “We have already won, and will continue the fight…” And this is why the American people have become so enamored with the former president. He never gives up, regardless of how the odds might look. We the people have been in need of such an individual to represent us in Washington for a long, long time.

According to Jack Davis over at The Western Journal, Judge Engoron delivered a haymaker to Trump’s bank account by walloping him with a massive $355 million fine in the civil trial, alleging he used false and inflated values for his properties on various financial statements in order to get better terms on loans. He was also slapped with a ban on serving as director of a company based in the state of New York for three years.

“Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr., who have played leading roles in the company since Trump was elected president, are barred from serving as corporate executives for the next two years. Trump has said he will appeal the decision,” Davis wrote. “Trump, who sparred often with Engoron during the trial, was defiance personified in comments to Fox News in which he said the verdicts were more political election interference from Democrats, vowing ‘they will not be successful.'”

“This Election Interference and tyrannical Abuse of Power by a Crooked Judge and Crooked Attorney General cannot be tolerated,” Trump stated on Truth Social. “My case was already won in the Appellate Division, and more than 80% of the frivolous claims were wiped out. Yet, as I suspected, and in order to hurt me and the Republican Party politically, Crooked and Corrupt Judge Arthur Engoron ignored his loss at the Appellate Division, and came up with an outrageous $355 Million Dollar fine against me.”

Trump pointed out that until Attorney General Letitia James took office in the city and made certain campaign promises to go after the former president, the law was never used as a weapon against him.

“Using a statute that has never been applied like this before, the Corrupt Judge conspired with the Crooked Attorney General, Letitia James, and punished a liquid and beautiful Corporate Empire that started in New York, and has been successful all around the world,” he added.

“There were no victims, and not one person testified there was any fraud. The actual witnesses established my Net Worth exceeded that reported in my Financial Statements as those Statements never included my most valuable Asset – the TRUMP Brand. The Highly Respected Expert Witness said my Financial Statements were among the best he has ever seen,” the current frontrunner in the GOP primary race penned on Truth Social.

“I paid over $300 Million Dollars in taxes to New York City and State, and they want me gone. They are Crazed Lunatics who are destroying everything in their way. It all starts with Biden’s attacks on his Political Opponent!,” Trump continued.

He then insisted that the ruling against him in this case could have negative fallout for others in the business world.

“This shocking and corrupt Interference in the Free Markets for political gain places every New York business transaction at risk. We must make sure Corrupt Politicians and Judges cannot continue to abuse the power of their office, and violate the public trust. We have already won, and will continue the fight on appeal!” Trump posted.

Speaking with Fox News, Trump noted that the verdict was the result of a “a crooked New York judge working with the very corrupt attorney general of New York State, who ran on the basis of ‘I will get Trump’ before knowing me – before even knowing anything about me.”

“This is a witch hunt where the judge ruled against me before he even saw the case,” Trump remarked, pointing out that Engoron “strongly stated that said Mar-a-Lago was worth $18 million — when it is worth anywhere from 50 to 100 times more than that.”

He declared that Engoron was attempting to destroy the businesses he spent years building in just a matter of weeks.

“I built a great company and now this whacked-out clubhouse politician judge bars me for three years,” Trump commented, referring to Engoron as “a political hack working in conjunction with a crooked attorney general in the greatest case of election interference anyone has ever seen in this country.”

“He is just a clubhouse politician. This country is becoming worse than Russia ever was,” he proclaimed during the interview.

“They are doing this because I am beating Biden in the polls by so much. They are trying to stop me, but they will not be successful,” he affirmed, going on to add, “I’m fighting for America. I’m fighting for the people.”

Trump’s point about the weaponization of the legal system against him by James is accurate, as is his statement concerning the potential consequences the decision might have on other business owners. And that’s the intent. The left will not stop with Trump. He’s just the start. Progressives want to come after average Americans too. Especially those who have supported the former president in the past and continue to do so now.

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  1. Engoron like James should be DISBARRED for LIFE as well as being Barred from any public office of any kind for LIFE that would included being any member of Congress or in the Ival Office. First this supposed Judge declared GUILTY of a Crime before the first witness testified or the first piece of evidence was shown. Then this supposed Judge fined President Trump despite evidence and Testimony proved President Trump did no wrong. President Trump repaid every penny he borrowed with Interest and everyone was VERY HAPPY with the results on every loan. This was just another case brought by Democraps to try to stop President Trump from BEATINV Joe and the Ho out of a Second term that they want to DESTROY America with.


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