MUST-SEE: Trump’s Deadly 1-Word Response To Learning Zuckerberg Bought 2020 Election Out From Under Him

(Republican Party News) – COVID-19 was the perfect cover for so many anti-American, illegal and unethical behaviors from the left. The biggest opportunity, of course, was the ability to make major changes to election processes under the guise of public health safety.

This charade played out in many forms but perhaps nowhere more obvious than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s scheme to pump hundreds of millions of dollars into state elections claiming to be concerned about “safer” elections.

While Zuckerberg pretended to care about public health safety, he was implementing his partisan plan to push the election in the direction of Joe Biden and it seems to have worked.

The documentary “Rigged” exposes Zuckerberg’s plot to influence the 2020 presidential election in full. You can get a copy here for just $4.99.

In the film, Citizens United President David Bossie said the Center for Tech and Civic Life said COVID-19 was the reason for the massive donations from Zuckerberg.

“Tax filings state the large grants were to be used for ‘safe administration of public elections during the COVID-19 pandemic and to provide general support,’” Bossie said.

Of course, it’s clear leftist groups like CTCL were only using COVID-19 as a means to push their partisan policies that would ultimately benefit them in the election.

Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney (NY) explained, “The premise was that we need to assist all these beleaguered local governments and election districts with the problem of dealing with a pandemic election.”

She added, “We need to provide PPE, and we need to have resources so that people can be socially distanced, and so we can have more time for people to vote by extending early vote hours and by allowing them to vote by mail.”

However, former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli pointed out that according to tax filings, most of the money from Zuckerberg did not go to PPE or anything related to making elections “safer.”

“If you got to the IRS filing, every one of the thousands of grants says, you know, ‘to promote safe elections,’ because they want people to think that was about buying masks and other PPE,” Cuccinelli said.

“But everybody who’s studied the actual money flows, including NPR, [a] left-wing news outfit, they find that tiny little percentages of this ever went to masks or plexiglass.”

Bossie conducted an interview with President Trump for the movie “Rigged” and cut right to the chase.

“CTCL claimed that the money went to conduct safe elections during the pandemic, but actually, only a very small portion of the money reportedly went to PPE,” Bossie said.

“Do you believe that they used the COVID emergency as an excuse to pull this partisan voter turnout operation?”

Trump responded bluntly as Trump does, “Am I allowed to give you a one-word answer?” he said. “Yes. Without question, yes.”

Of course, we all know the Zuckerberg plot was just one of many employed by the left to unethically and illegally influence the outcome of the 2020 election. While it’s great that these schemes are finally being exposed, what the American people want is accountability.

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  1. Now that Biden has in only 1-1/2 years destroyed all the good things this country was enjoying under the Trump administration and put not only this country but other countries in jeopardy because of his weak presidency and America LAST agenda, I hope Zuckerberg is happy with his multi-million dollar purchase now that Biden has the world on the doorstep of WWIII. Zuckerberg is too old to be drafted. Let him see first hand what his money bought and send him to the front lines.

  2. Correction: Zuckerberg ISN’T too old to be drafted! Let him see first-hand what his money bought and send him to the front lines.

  3. Human nature being what it is, we know the dividing line between politicians we believe to be honest, ethical ones and those we consider to be dishonest, unethical ones is sometimes a very faint one. This is because most pols, like most of us quite ordinary people, are generally and understandably more concerned about their own personal welfare and wants and needs, including the welfare, wants and needs of their families, friends and close associates, than about those of a largely nameless, faceless public. Few individuals elected to represent constituents in any one of the three levels of U.S. government would care to focus on or admit to that reality as it applies to themselves. And understandably, most voters instinctively deny and fail to recognize that weakness in the successful officeholders they voted for and possibly even helped to elect.
    In contrast to many lifelong government job addicts like Joe Biden or the Clintons or the earlier Kennedy or Roosevelt clans, Donald Trump is a fellow who climbed his way to unprecedented success in the private sector and who has far less need for the U.S.presidency than folks who have a desire to stroke their unfulfilled egos with it. Unlike so many of them, Trump has far less need for fame than most of the other current candidate wannabes have to aggrandize themselves in history’s eye. And in his first presidential term, which was ended by election manipulation that’s increasingly coming to light, he proved his commitment to America over self. Our failure to reelect him in favor of self-obsessed narcissists who want only personal power and a place in history is and may be a 2024 tragedy from which the country might never sufficiently recover.


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