See Rock Stars’ Amazing New Song For Florida Gov. DeSantis

(Republican Party News) – There’s no denying that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a rock star within the GOP. He’s an America First kind of guy through and through and every single day he proves it.

Throughout the pandemic DeSantis made a name for himself as the most vehement fighter for freedoms and personal liberties in America. While blue states were turned into mini-authoritarian kingdoms, Florida remained free and life there flourished.

Naturally, the left hates DeSantis for his boldness in fighting for the American people and they’ve been attacking him as fervently as he’s been fighting their radical agenda.

Now, the release of a single dedicated to him by two Southern rock icons has made him a bona fide Republican rock star.

The single, titled “Sweet Florida,” went public on Friday in a video made by Johnny Van Zant, lead singer of the group Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Donnie Van Zant, best known as the former guitarist and songwriter for the group 38 Special.

The song combines praise for DeSantis and mockery of leftist clowns like Joe Biden, AKA “Brandon in the White House,” and Dr. Fauci.

Like President Trump, Gov. DeSantis has been crystal clear about what he stands for ever since the COVID-19 charade began, which was largely about politics rather than actual safety or science.

Democratic governors led the country in lockdowns, school shutdowns, mandatory mask-wearing, and restriction of personal liberties and freedoms, while Republican Governors, led by DeSantis, challenged that kind of totalitarianism in America.

DeSantis has taken a hard stance against sacrificing American freedoms in the name of “public health safety.”

The left loves to tout their devotion to the “science” but if you look at any actual real science it’s clear that Florida did not fare any worse during the pandemic without the Draconian lockdowns, rules and restrictions. Not only did Florida not fare any worse, their economy didn’t take the hits that blue states took.

As a matter of fact, their economy came out stronger and better than more than half of the US states, a Politico report noted.

DeSantis has been busy fighting hard against the left’s COVID scheme but also against their radical agenda including the national debate over “transgender” rights especially regarding children.

He’s called out the Biden regime’s malicious plot to infiltrate the US with illegal aliens. We’ve seen countless reports of the regime moving these illegal immigrants all over the country under the cover of darkness.

DeSantis has been the strongest advocate for America since Trump left the White House and for that the left absolutely hates him and have shown no mercy in their attacks against him.

He’s never swayed or defeated, however. The new song dedicated to him is a good reminder of how solid of an American DeSantis truly is:

You can take it to the bank he don’t care what Brandon thinks at the White House.

Yeah he’s fighting for the right to keep our state free.

Well he’s taking on the swamp and he’s calling out Dr. Fauci.

He’s the only one fightin’ for you and me.

There’s a good chance that President Trump is gearing up for a run at the White House in 2024 but just in case he decides not to, we can rest assured that DeSantis will step up to the plate and there’s no doubt he’ll be the frontrunner.

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