SHOCK REPORT: Biden DOJ Spied On Project Veritas Journalists… Concealed Communications From Federal Court Judge (VIDEO)

(Republican Party News) – Microsoft Corporation legal documents that have just been released by Project Veritas reveal that Joe Biden’s Department of Justice filed a series of secret warrants, orders, and a subpoena to surreptitiously collect privileges and constitutionally protected communications and contacts of eight Project Veritas journalists, according to Project Veritas.

The DOJ attempted to muzzle Microsoft from disclosing these orders with a series of secrecy orders signed by magistrates.

The Biden regime was illegally spying on American journalists and then attempted to cover it up (screenshot here). This is huge.

The documents released by PV further reveal that the DOJ went behind US District Court Judge Analisa Torres’ back to obtain extensions on the gag-orders on Microsoft from magistrate judges after Torres had ruled that PV was entitled to “journalistic privileges.”

The DOJ has yet to publicly disclose the orders, warrants, and subpoena to Judge Torres or Special Master Judge Barbara Jones, who Torres appointed to protect PV’s “journalistic privileges” from potential DOJ overreach.

Torres ruled that the DOJ’s investigation had to be overseen by Judge Jones. She also ordered the DOJ not to review any materials taken from PV without Jones’ approval.

Predictably, the DOJ has yet to seek Jones’ approval to review PV’s materials that were seized from Microsoft.

The documents expose a sixteen-month undercover campaign against the PV journalists during which the DOJ obtained 7 secret orders, warrants and subpoenas from six different magistrates all within the Southern District of New York.

PV attorney Paul Calli vehemently opposed the DOJ’s actions and called it an act of “violence” against the First Amendment.

In a motion filed Tuesday (read it here), Calli argued, “By the time [Project Veritas] filed the Motion to Appoint a Special Master, the government already had the opportunity to review Project Veritas’ journalistic and attorney-client privileged materials.”

According to preliminary research data, the SDNY appears to be in possession of nearly 150,000 documents they should not have. On top of the emails, the SDNY also has over 1,000 contacts from journalists that they failed to report to Judge Torres or Judge Jones.

PV’s motion is seeking to force the SDNY to comply with the Special Master order by stopping their review of the illegally obtained emails. They would also like the SDNY to disclose their hidden spying campaigns used against PV’s journalists.

The SDNY “has launched a retributive campaign that does violence to the First Amendment,” writes Calli. “While the Special Master litigation proceeded, the government apparently misled the Court by omission, failing to inform it, and failing to inform the aggrieved journalists, that the government had already obtained the contents of privileged emails from Project Veritas’ cloud computing provider.”

The documents expose the SDNY’s undercover spying of American journalists which was commissioned by Assistant US Attorney, Robert B. Sobelman.

You can read more about this developing story here. The bottom line: the US government is engaged in the illegal spying on of American journalists. Of course, these journalists are political dissidents of the regime.

This country looks less and less like America everyday.

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  1. My God is there any part of government that is not crooked to the core. The DOJ spying on Project Veritas. I thought no “one is above the law”, oh wait that is only meant for Republicans. All Democrats must be above the law. Someone has to go to jail for this. Impeach Biden and the A.G. for spying on Americans.


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