Trump Rally: Matt Gaetz Promises To Nominate President Trump As Speaker Of The House (VIDEO)

(Republican Party News) – Over the weekend, President Trump held a “Save America” rally just northeast of Atlanta, Georgia, and invited several Republican lawmakers to attend and speak. Among them was US House Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) who made the massive crowd a promise that seemed to take even President Trump off guard.

When Gaetz first took the microphone, at Trump’s request, he praised the former president, saying there was “no greater president” and encouraged the crowd to get out and vote during the midterm elections this year so that Republicans can take back control of Congress.

However, what he added to that appeared to take Trump by surprise.

“Give us the ability to fire Nancy Pelosi, take back the majority, impeach Joe Biden, and I’m going to nominate Donald J. Trump for speaker of the United States House of Representatives!” Gaetz said.

Trump shook Gaetz hand and then said, “Well, that was interesting.”

Surely, Trump has heard by now the various scenarios in which he could return to Washington DC before running for president again in 2024.

One of the most popular plans hatched by Republicans is to take back control of the House and Senate and then nominate Trump to become Speaker of the House.

The US Constitution does not require the Speaker of the House to be an elected member of Congress. Matt Gaetz could very well nominate Trump to fill that position. Of course, the House has to vote on it but the idea has many Trump supporting conservatives excited.

The idea that Trump could take that kind of a position and then move forward with impeaching the traitors in the Biden regime is most definitely a source of hope. It’s getting harder and harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore. The Biden regime is destroying everything that America is. Our very way of life hangs in the balance.

During his time speaking to the crowd, President Trump reminded the American people why it is critical to vote for change this year. He pointed out that the Biden regime is more concerned with “climate change” than they are a nuclear war fallout.

He also discussed the ongoing culture war and the radical left’s agenda to indoctrinate young school-aged children with the deranged transgender ideology. He also slammed the idea that biological males should be allowed to compete against biological females in sports just because they identify as a “woman.”

If there is any hope at all for America it lies in the 2022 midterm elections. It is imperative that Republicans take back control of Congress and stop the destruction of the Biden regime.

We can only hope that our elections have been safeguarded enough since 2020 that there will be no shenanigans this time around. The American people have had enough of the radical left and the Democrats. We are headed for a red tsunami like no other but if Democrats manage to be victorious, we’ll know without a shadow of a doubt that our elections can no longer be trusted.

2022 is a make or break year for the US.

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  1. I am 100% behind Trump and if Christians will pray God can perform a miracle. HE is not limited so lets get together as Christians and pray.


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