WARNING: Experts Sound The Alarm On Looming EV Disaster – You Won’t Believe What’s Coming

(Republican Party News) – It seems we are frequently being updated about a wide assortment of issues with electric vehicles that make them impractical and dangerous, despite the radical left’s constant desire for folks to adopt EVs as their normal means of transportation in order to supposedly reduce their carbon footprint and prevent climate change. As far as science is concerned, even if all of the people who drive switched to these cars, it would do very little to reduce the so-called “carbon footprint.”

According to The Washington Times, “Safety experts are grappling with an array of infrastructure burdens and dangers associated with electric vehicles, which can weigh up to 50% more than traditional automobiles thanks to their heavy lithium-ion batteries.”

“Heavy electric vehicles damage roads, bridges and parking garages. Some can plow through highway safety guardrails and pose a greater danger to gasoline-powered cars, pedestrians and bicyclists. The problems associated with EVs are poised to grow as more consumers buy them under the Biden administration’s plan to eliminate gas-powered vehicles and the tailpipe emissions that come with them,” the article went on to say.”

The report concluded, “In January, a group of engineers writing for Structure magazine warned that construction industries must adapt the nation’s infrastructure to support an increase in heavier electric vehicles.”

The whole push for electric vehicles is just another means of gaining control over the masses, especially as it concerns the means of production. Much of the climate agenda is geared toward wealth redistribution by imposing “fines” for regulation violations that are really nothing more than hidden taxes. However, that’s not to say liberals don’t actually believe what they are trying to force on everyone else.

Many progressives feel they will be able to perfect humanity, creating a utopian society in the process, via legislation that will intimidate everyone into “doing the right thing.” Through hive mind mentality and oppressive measures, they think they can do what only God can do. Welcome to the circus.

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  1. Commiepornia has voted or made laws that EVS are soon to be the only type of vehicles sold and other. Now I have a question for the IGNORANT people who made these EVS the only vehicles allowed. The Question is how are people supposed to charge these EVS for use??? Commiepornia has made building and repairing of power plants ILLEGAL so how can they drive an EV if they can’t charge them??? Commiepornia also needs to install more electric lines so they can get power moved around the State but won’t because of those who WHINE because the lines might be near them. Sadly I spent nearly 7 years there and know that the Utility Company in the southern part of the state own those who are supposed to make the rules. SDG&E is the company ai speak of.

  2. These electric vehicles may or may not be the thing of the future, but it is way too soon to rush in and buy one!!! They will take at least 10-20 years before they can become reliable, affordable, with the electric Power capacity and highway systems are prepared. Furthermore, we do not need them as being stated for any “climate issues”, which will not be offset by their use!!!
    The issues around “Climate Change” are all about Politics, Not The Environment!!! Even manufacturers are backing away from producing EV’s!!!!! So Much For The “New Green Deal”!!!!


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