With Biden ‘Diminished,’ Speculation Surges About Clinton 2024 Comeback

(Republican Party News) – Last summer, former President Bill Clinton seized upon an opportunity to insert himself back in the public eye by welcoming Larry Hogan to Little Rock, Arkansas and inviting him to hold a ticketed conversation focusing on the topic of bipartisanship in Clinton’s hometown. At this time, Hogan was considering a run for president as a third-party candidate for No Labels, an organization he co-chaired. However, during the event, Clinton made it clear to Hogan that a third-party effort wouldn’t hurt Trump, but help him.

As per NY Mag, several months later, Clinton held a discussion with Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin who was looking for some wisdom concerning his own political future while vacationing in East Hampton. Clinton was made privy to information from individuals within the party who were concerned that he might be the one heading up a No Labels ticket. Clinton previously helped the White House smooth things over with Manchin regarding a piece of legislation and Manchin was much more open to the idea of an independent run for the Oval Office than Hogan.

“So when they met in person, Clinton decided to get considerably more forceful than their placid surroundings might have suggested. This time, he ditched the diplomatic niceties and told the senator sharply that he was risking putting Trump back in the White House,” NY Mag divulged.

“By late November, Bill found himself closer to the center of presidential politics than he’d been since Hillary ran in 2016. He and Joe Biden hadn’t talked in person in a few months, but he had been making no secret to friends that he thought Biden wasn’t getting the credit he deserved for his accomplishments,” the report said.

While Joe Biden and Bill Clinton were flying out to Georgia for the funeral of Rosalynn Carter, the pair had a chat regarding the many obstacles Biden faces in a changing political landscape brought about by Trump, which made it difficult to get the American people to look deeply at things the president was accomplishing — a whole lot of nothing — along with the difficulties of getting people to look and feel differently about the economy.

“Hillary wasn’t part of that conversation, but she was on the plane, too — along with Michelle Obama and Jill Biden — and she had plenty of her own thoughts as Biden entered 2024 running behind her old foe in the polls. In recent months, the former secretary of state has begun convening groups of friends and political allies for private dinners to talk through the coming election season and to drum up badly needed support for Democratic candidates, starting with the president. The sessions are occasionally at the Clintons’ primary home in Chappaqua, but more often at their house in Washington, not far from the residence of Vice-President Kamala Harris, with whom she has quietly been keeping in touch,” NY Mag noted.

During the 2020 presidential race, the influence of the Clintons in the realm of politics was almost non-existent. Likely this had to do with the many sexual indiscretions of the former president who, in a world that just came out of the #MeToo movement was not exactly a popular individual. And let’s face it, Hillary Clinton was still branded a big loser, the woman who allowed Trump to become president. And that was pretty much where they remained.

Until just a few weeks ago.

The Clintons drew some serious attention from the media by announcing that President Biden would be hosting a big fundraiser with former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama late in the month of March.

The article then stated, “The event is just the most public part of what’s been a longer-running behind-the-scenes effort. Neither Clinton considers politics their primary work these days — they’re staying busy with travel, writing projects, and foundation work — but according to a dozen people who’ve spoken with them directly in recent weeks, both have been quietly and steadily increasing their engagement with Washington as the election season heats up.”

It seems the Democratic Party is trying to figure out a way to utilize the Clintons in order to help push the progressive agenda forward. The couple no longer draws in big crowds for fundraising events, not like the Obamas, but they probably aren’t going to be calling it a day in the public sphere just yet. Unfortunately.

The Clintons are quite sympathetic to the struggles Biden is facing, going so far as to refer to the comments made in special counsel Robert Hurt’s report as “inappropriate.” However, the Clintons aren’t highly influential in the administration, despite Bill Clinton visiting the White House on two different occasions. He visited in May 2022 to check in with Biden before the midterm election which was predicted to be especially brutal for Democrats, but was ultimately a let-down for Republicans. He went again in February to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

“Hillary, meanwhile, has deepened her connection to Harris. At first, they linked up when the vice-president was preparing for her early foreign trips in 2021. In the years since, the talks between the first woman to hold the vice-presidency and the woman who’s come closest to being president have become less formal, more friendly, and more regular. They speak over the phone, and their chats have since expanded to political conversations on the sidelines of official events and advice for Harris about specific appearances, such as when Hillary gave her tips for speaking at the New York Times’s Dealbook conference last year. She has also visited Harris at her home,” the report continued.

“Today, a handful of very tight Clinton allies have roles high up in the Biden administration and political operations, including well-known associates like John Podesta and Neera Tanden. Dennis Cheng, a longtime Clinton-world fundraiser, is a deputy political director in the White House, while Minyon Moore, a former top aide to both Bill and Hillary, is the chair of the Democratic convention. And two of Biden’s absolute closest aides, Bruce Reed and Steve Ricchetti, were also senior Clinton staffers and allies for years,” it added.

Many believe this has led to the Clintons having far more of a line into the president’s political thinking than they had with Obama. And while the couple are more involved than they have been in recent years, they still don’t seem to be looking to be front-and-center in a major campaign role this go-around. A lot of this probably is due to their lack of popularity as most people now associate them with individuals such as deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. But none of the negative press has prevented Hillary from getting involved to some degree in speaking on geopolitical issues, going on to tell the hosts at MSNBC just a month ago that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “should go; he’s not a trustworthy leader.”

While we may not see them return to the starring roles they formerly occupied in the world of politics, you can guarantee they’re still pulling some strings behind the scenes and using their influence in more subtle ways to help Democrats move forward.

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